What is a Gear Pump?

liquiflo pumps

We use them several times a day, for water, heat, and other common household appliances. Still, does anyone understand how a pump actually works? You turn the spigot and get the water, but other than that how do they work?

Pumps move water or other materials through energy, and this energy can be electrical or manual. There are many different types of pumps, such as liquiflo pumps, that have many different uses, but they all work to move liquid from place to place. The first type is a positive displacement pump, which is the most common. It works through suction, almost like a bathroom drain.

So, the drain is pulled and the pump activates, and then suction pulls the water from the tub and into the set of pipes that carries it away. They are constant flow machines, so if you have the water coming into a bathtub with the drain out, the flow is going to happen at the same rate no matter what.

Rotary pumps use centrifugal force to move fluid, almost like water wheels. The rotation creates a vacuum that moves the water from one end of the pipe to the other, with the rotating wheel in between. While they are a bit slower than normal, they are efficient over time.

Finally, the last type of pump is a reciprocating pump that uses pressure to move liquid. Think of oil wells or hand pumps where someone has to use a lever to pump up the liquid. That is a reciprocating pump where the rising plunger removes pressure in the container, shoving the pressure back causes the liquid to be released into the world.

Now that these types of pumps have been described, it’s easy to start thinking of some common variations of each around the house.